​Azolla Phi​lippines 

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Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Getting your POND ready

Azolla can be grown abundantly in lakes, rice fields with irrigation, concrete tanks, or any dug-out pond that is able to hold water. Azolla is initially grown by inoculating a pond with azolla starter. The azolla will quickly colonize the azolla pond and become self-propagating.  First-time growers can easily prepare a pond. 

Step 2 - Addition of soil or animal manure (May be optional)

Azolla, just like any other plant, needs nutrients to sustain its growth. The addition of animal manure such as from cow, pig or chicken boosts azolla growth. Approximately a kilogram of dry manure per square meter of pond is recommended.

Step 3 - Azolla Starter

Azolla starter is live azolla used to inoculate a pond to start cultivation. Contact us for details.